Oct 14, 2021

Top reasons Vista Cloud will improve your teams’ day-to-day

At Vista, we build technology to help your teams succeed. Empowering a world of cinema is something we never stop working towards, and Vista Cloud is the evolution of that goal.

Nobody knows what our customers need better than they do, so we are always listening, to understand the needs, dreams, challenges, and goals of the people who use our software day in and day out.

Here are some of the ways we’ve taken your needs and desires to create software that will improve your teams’ work daily.

Less maintenance

Any on-premise software requires maintenance. Backing up servers and hardware, monitoring operations, planning, testing, and executing manual upgrades are just some of the routine tasks that take up vast amounts of most IT teams’ time and leave them with little room for proactive projects. In fact, many of you told us that as much as 70% of your IT team’s work is spent on maintenance and operations.

“I wish the team had more time to spend proactively exploring what’s available from Vista with new features and new ways to achieve things.”

We listened, and one of our core goals with Vista Cloud was to change how much time IT has to spend on routine work. While they will still be responsible for some maintenance, like setting up data or managing sandbox configuration set-ups, Vista Cloud frees them to focus on what’s important by taking the heavy lifting off their hands; no more server hardware to buy, store, and maintain, and no more manual upgrades. We provide and maintain the infrastructure, looking after security and compliance, take care of upgrades, and reduce and simplify network maintenance — giving time back to your IT teams so they can make the most of Vista’s technology, continue to innovate, and explore new and exciting possibilities.

Higher performance and reliability

Having little-to-no downtime is a goal everyone shares, and with local servers we know how complex — and sometimes challenging — it can be. Scalability, security, loss prevention, and disaster recovery are all incredibly important elements for a healthy and stable environment.

“We don't want to have any hardware within the site because this increases the probability of failure”

Vista Cloud software offers peace of mind knowing that Vista will handle these challenges for you. Proactive and automatic scaling, world-class security, and 24/7 observability mean both increased software performance and reliability. Fully hosted, managed, and monitored, Vista Cloud means greater consistency, quality, and stability for your environment, made complete with multiple security layers and powerful offline modes — giving your team everything they need to work confidently and uninterrupted.

Faster access to innovation

One of the biggest pain points in on-premise technology is the dreaded upgrade time. IT teams have to plan and test extensively before deploying major upgrades, often staggering the process across several weeks, and this can easily compound into companies working several versions behind the latest innovations.

“Where I would like to get to is that these things are just available as updates, you know. Feature enhancements that just appear.”

Naturally, enabling you to access the latest innovation and make the most of our software is critical for us, and Vista Cloud seeks to achieve this vision.

Automatic updates allow you to always be on the latest version of Vista Cloud, working with the newest features and technology. Product enhancements will be delivered three times a year on a managed schedule communicated in advance; with the option to release to a sandbox six weeks ahead. This means more relevant and timely innovation, and increased go-to-market speed for new features — including the ones most important to your cinema.

Our commitment will go beyond Vista’s innovation, as we also want you to easily and securely access a wider range of capabilities. We’re heading towards a fully integrated Vista ecosystem with API-based extensions and a marketplace for you to choose and build your own integrations.

Greater user experience

The technological benefits of moving to the cloud are huge; from efficiency to reliability to increased performance. But one of the unsung heroes of the change is that of a better user experience.

A single entry point that gets you into the Vista world that then gives you access to the things that you've got access to.”

Vista Cloud streamlines the entire end-user experience in three ways: through accessibility, mobility, and reduced admin.

The new Vista Cloud experience is simple, seamless, and centralised. A single sign-on to individual workspaces provides a single entry point into Vista, centralising all capabilities and settings with an intuitive interface. Navigating between the different features and managing users and devices across the entire ecosystem has never been easier. This makes for an experience that is faster, more efficient, and all the more flexible.

Much as IT teams have to dedicate a vast amount of time to routine work with on-premise software, they often end up the experts in it, and have to devote time to training others. Vista Cloud flattens the learning curve by streamlining tasks and multi-product interactions, giving each user greater autonomy over their work, while simultaneously freeing IT teams’ time by reducing the requirements of training others.

These are just some of the highlights of how Vista Cloud can change the way you work, and empower your teams with greater freedom.

With Vista Cloud, we’re combining decades of innovation, exhibition industry expertise, and the benefits of SaaS to empower your teams to deliver the best moviegoing experience, and do so with flexibility, confidence, and satisfaction.

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